You are being watched

Paper Asisn Wasp photo

Male Asian Paper Wasp guarding nest.

From the Archives.

Looking almost comical this male Asian Paper Wasp is anything but, as he keeps a close watch on the intruder with a camera, that is getting very close his colonies nest. Typically non-aggressive,  he didn’t budge and remained on duty ready to protect the nest should the need arise and my main concern was the other wasps that were flying around my head as they returned from foraging for food. They also ignored me and allowed for some nice closeup photos to be taken.

Having first appeared in New Zealand in the late 70s Asian Paper wasps are now fairly common in the northern part of New Zealand.

Their delicate nest colonies are most commonly found during the summer months attached to buildings, fences or on the underside of vegetation and are constructed from wood pulp, a mixture of wood fibre and saliva, that the wasps  mould into hexagonal shaped brood cells.

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