Ring Necked Pheasant

Magnificent Mr Pheasant

We have had a cock Ring Necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) and his hens frequent our garden recently and after watching their coming and goings for the last few weeks I decided that there was a possibility of some images, as they seemed to always be the same area. It probably also helped that I had started to feed them, as well.

With the first spell of fine weather for quite a while yesterday, I decided to try my luck at getting some images. After finding a suitable spot and arranging the camo net and camera, I settled in for the wait. After about an hour and a half I was thinking that it wasn’t going to happen, when suddenly all the sparrows that were also helping themselves to the food flew off and into view strode Mr Pheasant.

Now over the years I have shot, as in killed, my share of these birds and always appreciated their beauty, but to see one in the wild, at close proximity and undisturbed in lovely light is really something else. I think the photos even do justice to his stunning attire.

The Cock Pheasant though wary was more interested in the food and it wasn’t until the hen turned up and saw something, I think it could of been a reflection in the camera lens, that my cover was blown and the show came to an end.

I will definitely go back at later date to try to capture more images, but if for nothing else to just witness the spectacular show that is Mr Ring Necked Pheasant.

Mrs Pheasant, the show buster.

I'm just a right poser in the right light

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