Miranda Seabird Coast

Visited the Miranda Seabird Coast on Sunday with fellow photographer and friend Mark, where we got to give our newly acquired canon 500mm lenses a good workout on the local inhabitants.

Miranda is on the western shoreline of the Firth of Thames and has extensive areas of mudflats that are exposed at low tide providing a great feeding environment for the many species of waders that  inhabit the coastline.

We did manage to see a good number of  Bar-tailed Godwits that had recently arrived after their nonstop flight from the Alaskan breeding grounds, though the shellbank they were roosting on was still out of reach for our big Canons.

Though we didn’t get any Godwit photos there were plenty of other species, including a pair of  endangered New Zealand Dotterel, to test our photography skills on and you can find a selection of photos from the day here

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